Rumours over Alonso’s future

The speculation over Alonso s future continues. The Spanish driver has said that even if he parts company with McLaren at the end of the season, he will not take a sabbatical year during 2008.

Many believe that due to the friction within the McLaren team, Alonso is looking to get out of his contract with the Woking-based team at the end of the 2007 season. Some believe he will take a sabbatical before returning to the sport in 2009 with a different team.

However Alonso himself has mooted these plans saying, “No, that s not in my plans I want to race. I m 100% sure. However and wherever, but I enjoy racing and that s why I want.

Part of Alonso s motivation is the introduction of new rules banning traction control in 2008, and to miss a year or part of a year could prove to be a mistake. “Next year there will be an important change in the rules, removing all driver aids, and it s a season you have to race,” Alonso explained. “It is important to adapt to the races, which will basically be completely new.”

Alonso has also quashed the rumour that he might be heading to Ferrari. “I have no news from them,” he remarked. “They have contracts for next year with Massa and Raikkonen so it s not a possibility for me for next year.”

Alonso has also stated that he would be happy to partner Hamilton again in the future. “If we are not together next year and I have a competitive car, then fine. And if we have to stay together, we will have another beautiful fight.”

Meanwhile, Flavio Briatore is adding fuel to the rumour flames, revealing that he has invited Alonso to rejoin Renault whenever he leaves McLaren. There have been plenty of strong rumours linking Alonso to Renault, rumours which are partly based on the fact that Renault have yet to announce their 2008 driver line-up it is believed that Briatore is waiting to see if Alonso does leave McLaren before he announces his 2008 team.

“I told Fernando that the moment he is free from McLaren, we would be pleased to have him back,” Briatore explained. “It would be stupid to deny that. First of all, after this experience at McLaren, Alonso will think 27 times before facing new adventures in other teams and besides Todt already has two good drivers.

And I wonder, would it be positive to team up Alonso and Raikkonen? The time when you could have two strong drivers in the team are over. Now it is important that the roles – number one and two – are clear, otherwise you risk destabilising the team.

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