Rumours hint at 2013 delay for Austin F1 race

The first US grand prix in Texas could be delayed a year until 2013, according to the latest rumours and reports.

It is believed the Austin venue, where permits for vertical construction have only just been issued, will be discussed during Thursday’s F1 Commission meeting in Geneva. Bernie Ecclestone is reported to have said in India last weekend that he believes there are “issues” within the group that is organising the 2012 race.

KVUE News visited the site this week and reported “business as usual”. But as for F1 chief executive Ecclestone, he has “left the door open”, according to F1 insider Don Batson of International Marketing Development.

“I think he (Ecclestone) is talking about the fact that there is some conflict in Austin, that there has been a construction slowdown that is kind of hard to explain other than there being some kind of a conflict internally,” agreed Autoweek’s Steven Cole.

The rumour now is that the inaugural 2012 race date could be pushed back to 2013.

“It (2012) is certainly doable for next year,” Batson insisted, “although they do have a lot to accomplish.”

Cole said he will be waiting for news to emerge from the F1 Commission on Thursday.

“(There) could be good news for Austin, could be bad news, I’m guessing there will probably be no news because as far as I know they still have time to make the November (2012) date,” he said.

The Circuit of the Americas organisation did not comment.


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