Renault looks to scrap front-exit exhausts

Renault is looking to debut an all-new exhaust design as its performance has slid amid the FIA’s clampdown.

Even though the rules will return to their Valencia specification in the wake of the off-track saga at Silverstone, the Enstone based team was already struggling on the streets of the Spanish port city.

It was at Valencia that teams were no longer allowed to change engine maps before the race, with Renault previously one of the most aggressive in running special qualifying modes to maximise their innovative front-exiting exhausts.

Red Bull designer Adrian Newey said Renault has been the most affected by the clampdown on off-throttle blowing so far.

“There is no other reason to have the exhausts exit so far forward,” he said.

Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport said on Sunday that the team is therefore devising a more conventional exhaust layout, with boss Eric Boullier hinting it may be ready for the Nurburgring in two weeks.

“We have some good developments coming, which unfortunately were not available for Silverstone but will be ready when we reach Nurburgring,” said Boullier.

“These will take our performance forward, of that I am convinced.”

Conversely, it is tempting to assume that Ferrari’s return to victory on the same weekend as the full FIA clampdown was no coincidence.

But winner Fernando Alonso doesn’t think so, and he is therefore not nervous about the rules returning to Valencia specification in Germany and beyond.

“For me, nothing. I don’t think it was a big factor,” said the Spaniard, who won on Sunday with a new package for the 150 Italia and without having to use the hard slick tyre.

Source: GMM

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