Renault concerned with FIA official’s Pure move

Renault Sport F1 chief Rob White has admitted “concern” about the appointment of Gilles Simon by 2014 engine supplier Pure.

After leaving Ferrari, the French engine designer moved to the FIA where his role as head of powertrain has involved working closely with the teams.

“Of course, it’s of concern to all of us that in this close relationship with Gilles … we’ve given unprecedented access to him,” said White.

He added that “all” of F1’s other engine makers have also worked closely with Simon, “particularly” in respect to the new turbo designs for 2014.

“And so we would be most concerned to be reassured that information to which Gilles has had access to in those very privileged circumstances as a representative of the FIA is not used in his new capacity as an employee of a competitor,” said White.

It is believed that, ten years ago, the FIA’s Charlie Whiting was blocked from joining a team for the very same reason.

White said Simon’s appointment poses a similar “obvious risk.”


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