Red Tyre Rule Variation

The FIA are implementing a variation on the ‘red tyre rule’ this season. Coinciding with Bridgestone’s new era as sole tyre supplier, the tyres must easily show whether they are made of hard of soft compounds at each race.

This rule is similar to the Champ Car World Series where spectators can clearly see from the colours which tyre compounds each team are using. Currently in Formula 1, it is hard to tell which teams are using which compound. It has yet to be announced how the red tyre rule will be implemented in Formula 1.

The new rule was amended with “the unanimous agreement of all competing teams,” stated the FIA. Subsection 4 of Article 25 1 B now reads “Each tyre specificaion must be of one homogenous compound and visibly distinguishable from one another when a car is on the track.”

Airbox cameras have also had their rules tweaked – they will now be painted either fluorescent red or yellow to allow spectators to distinguish between drivers in a team more easily.

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