Red Bull wary of Silverstone challenge

Red Bull believes that it will be hard to repeat last season’s dominant one-two in the British Grand Prix.

Although the RB6 is expected to following in the footsteps of its predecessor and master Silverstone’s high-speed layout, team principal Christian Horner believes that victory is not assured, given the rate of development of Red Bull’s rivals.

“We don’t underestimate Ferrari and McLaren, and even Mercedes I am sure will fight back,” the team principal told Autosport. “I am sure there is a long way to go in this championship. We are not even halfway yet.”

Horner’s comments follow the news that chief rivals McLaren are set to introduce a number of upgrades at Silverstone, including its interpretation of the full-blown diffuser.

Subsequently, under this rate of development, Horner believes that it is impossible to predict Red Bull’s competitiveness based on previous years – with the events of Valencia a prime example.

“Let’s wait and see how we go,” he said. “Theoretically Valencia was McLaren territory and we performed very well. Silverstone is a track that both drivers enjoy and hopefully the next couple of events should come back a bit more our way.

“But we are looking forward to it. It is a track that should hopefully suit our car. We had a great race there last year, it will be difficult to top that but we take a lot of satisfaction out of this race win, at a track that arguably we should not be strong at.”

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