Red Bull Rue Early Vettel Mistake

vettelturkeyAlthough happy with their double podium finish, Red Bull were frustrated with missing out on victory in the Turkish Grand Prix.

Despite Sebastian Vettel converting his Pole Position into a first corner lead, the young German made a mistake exiting turn nine on his first lap, gifting Jenson Button the lead. After that there was no hope for Red Bull, as Vettel failed to pass Button and maximise his three stop strategy. The German was left frustrated with 3rd.

Mark Webber, on the other hand, was delighted to finish 2nd after starting from 4th on the grid. The Australian stated that his crucial fuel saving tactics allowed him to stay ahead of his team mate after his second stop.

Mark Webber – 2nd: “A good race. I knew I had to hang in there for as long as possible in the first stint. It worked out pretty well and I managed to go a lap longer and save fuel, which helped me gain some time. I knew Sebastian’s strategy and that I was in with a sniff of getting a podium finish. Both Sebastian and I knew that first place was gone and it was about who would finish behind Jenson – he was on another planet! The second stint was therefore crucial, I had to push really hard. When you’re on a different strategy, the other guy is almost invisible until after the pit stops, but it turned out well for us and my engineer kept me updated with what was happening. I did enough in the middle stint to be able to jump Sebastian at the pit stops. Then, at the end we turned the engine down and brought the car home.”

Sebastian Vettel – 3rd: “The start worked out okay, I was ahead but then I nearly lost the car in Turn 9 and 10 on the first lap. It was my mistake, it was extremely difficult there and I nearly did the same on the second lap. It was quite tricky, but I think without that there wouldn’t have a big difference, as Jenson was too quick today. After that I thought the strategy might swap to a two-stop plan, but it didn’t. I got caught behind Jenson who was heavier in the second stint and that allowed Mark to get ahead. Nonetheless, a good result for the team and I think we can be satisfied with second and third.”

Christian Horner: “A good team result today and second and third gives us more points for the Constructors’ Championship. Mark drove a very strong race today with not a single mistake and did a good job to finish second. Unfortunately for Sebastian, after a good start and having led on the first lap, he made a small mistake which allowed Jenson to pass. Our only chance to then have a go at Jenson was a three-stop strategy, which is what we elected to do. It relied on us overtaking Jenson in the second stint, but unfortunately Sebastian didn’t manage that today and the time lost was the difference between second and third.”

Fabrice Lom, Renault, Principal Engineer, Track Support: “A mixed feeling again. It’s a very good team result, we are second and third and have got fourteen points which is four more than Brawn received today. It was a very strong race from Mark and a good race from Sebastian, but Jenson was just too quick for us. He deserved the win, he was quicker and he won there is nothing more to add!”