Red Bull defends front wing decision

Christian Horner has defended Red Bull’s decision to take a new front wing design off  Mark Webber’s car before qualifying and hand it to Sebastian Vettel.

The Milton Keynes outfit was left with only one of the newly-designed device, after the piece failed on Sebastian Vettel failure during morning practice.

As a result, it was later decided that the wing would be fitted to the German’s car for qualifying, due to his place in the championship table and his position in P3. However, this move clearly angered Mark Webber who he stated during the post-qualifying press conference that: “I’m sure the team is happy with the result today.”

However, following today’s qualifying session, Christian Horner denied that the decision was a sign of favouritism.

“The performance between the guys was very close, very tight.” the Red Bull team principal is quoted as saying by the BBC

“Unfortunately we found ourselves with only one front wing with a different specification that had a slightly different characteristic.

“Both drivers tried it on Friday, one (Vettel) had a better preferences for it over the other and it was tried by both again this morning.

“Unfortunately sometimes I have to make a difficult decision, and with only one wing available and the facts we had at hand and basically based on championship decision as the criteria we used, that wing went to Sebastian today.”