Red Bull can adapt to new regs – Webber

Mark Webber believes that his Red Bull team will adapt to the new regulations – with particular reference to the ban of off-throttle blown diffusers.

Set to come in for the British Grand Prix which follows this weekend’s event in Valencia, the ban will prevent hot exhaust gases from flowing over the rear diffuser mid-corner and thus will reduce downforce.

Webber said that although his team wouldn’t be helped, it would be the same for all the cars.

“I don’t think they will make the car any faster, but I think it is the same for everybody. We have got to adapt again, get used to it, but it is nothing new for our team to adapt to a change in regulations. All the teams have to adapt and see what they can do to do the best out of it,”

The Australian went on to say that the change would not result in a drastically different situation.

“I don’t think it is going to turn the field upside down. I think everyone will still be in reasonable shape. McLaren and Ferrari are fast, we know that. We are quick but the changes, whether they will turn the championship around, I think it is unlikely.”

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