Raikkonen: We’re not cheats

Kimi Raikkonen has spoken out over the espionage saga saying his team are not cheats, and they will win the title on the track and not in the courtroom. The Finn hit back over accusations by McLaren s Ron Dennis that the Italian team won the opening race of the season with an illegal car.

“For sure I believe racing should be won on the track rather than in a courtroom,” Raikkonen began. “Whatever happens in the coming weeks or months, it would be nice for everyone if the championship was decided on the circuit. Sometimes, there are other issues that get involved in the whole situation.

“I hear many different things on the same story so I will just wait to see and keep on doing my own thing. We are going to push as hard as we can to win races and fight for every victory and every point. That s the only way of racing we are not waiting to gain some advantage in ant other way. That would be a completely different story and we keep racing as before. Hopefully we can catch up.”

When asked about Dennis claims that Ferrari ran an illegal car in Australia, Raikkonen said, “I guess we would have been disqualified if we had been not legal so, probably, he was not right.”

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