Macaluso responds to Ron Dennis

Luigi Macaluso, head of the ACI, has replied to Ron Dennis lengthy letter with another letter of his own. Macaluso hopes that the International Court of Appeal will set a precedent of how the sport should deal with any future issues similar to the current espionage saga.

In the letter, Macaluso emphasizes that he is not in a position to address the claims of Dennis, however he reiterates that he feels the verdict of last week that McLaren were guilty of breaching sporting regulations but were not to be penalized was not sufficient.

The full letter from Macaluso to Dennis is as follows:

Dear Mr Dennis,

Article 151c of the International Sporting Code

I refer to your letter of 1 August 2007.

It is apparent from your letter that there is a distinct difference between McLaren’s view of events and that of Ferrari. It therefore seems appropriate for the matter to be reviewed by the International Court of Appeal as decided by the FIA President, Mr Mosley.

It is not my role nor would it be appropriate for me to answer your various points. It will be for the Court of Appeal to do so.

In any event, I would limit myself to stress that McLaren was found in breach of Article 151c of the International Sporting Code, but nevertheless escaped any penalty.
As Mr Mosley indicated in his letter of 31 July 2007, it is important for the World Championship that the correct outcome is reached. It is
clearly in the interest of the sport that the appropriate precedent for dealing with events such as these is set.
At the hearing of the World Motor Sport Council on 26 July 2007, Ferrari was legally represented but attended the meeting merely as an observer.

It accordingly did not have sufficient opportunity to present to the Council or ask questions of key individuals involved in this matter in order to test their evidence.

A hearing before the International Court of Appeal will allow Ferrari an opportunity to present its evidence and arguments in detail.

Yours sincerely

Luigi Macaluso
The President of ACI-CSAI

Mr. Max Mosley (President FIA)
Mr. Jean Todt (CEO Ferrari SpA)