Question marks continue to surround Korean race

Formula One Supremo Bernie Ecclestone has cast doubt over this year’s Korean Grand Prix, admitting that the venue may not be ready in time.

Speculation has surrounded the October event for sometime, with it now emerging that an FIA inspection, which was expected on September 21, had to be delayed.

Although Autosport reveals that the inspection will now take place after the Japanese Grand Prix, Ecclestone has admitted that this year’s race continues to hang in the balance.

“Until it’s on there’s always concerns obviously,” Ecclestone told The Associated Press. “We have to get lucky and hope it will happen.”

In an interview with the BBC, he added: “Well, it’s not good. It should have been inspected maybe six weeks ago, which it was inspected but it wasn’t passed. We normally have a 90-day check before a race and now we are sort of putting this off.

“It’s quite dangerous what we’ve done actually, but I mean it’s a case of ‘do we cancel the race or not?’ They say it is all going to be okay, so we hope they are right.”

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