Prodrive boss in helicopter crash

Just 24 hours after a helicopter crash which claimed the life of rally star Colin McRae, Prodrive boss David Richards and his wife Karen were also involved in a helicopter crash near Stansted airport. Luckily, both Richards, who was piloting the helicopter, and his wife walked away from the crash without injury.

Richards and his wife were the only two passengers on board the helicopter at the time of the accident. The Prodrive boss was able to bring the helicopter to the ground before it crashed onto it s side.

“Something failed on the transmission system,” Richards explained. “Because of what happened with Colin yesterday, we didn t want to stay at Spa and wanted to come back home early. We were nearing Stanstead airport when we heard this bang at the back of the aircraft. I was talking to control at Stansted at the time so I immediately gave them a May Day call and the rescue crew came within minutes.

“Then, everything failed but I managed to bring it down to the ground and it fell on its side. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you re not it s very sad that Colin was not.”

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