Predicted Malaysia rain intensifies light fears

Heavy rain is being predicted for the Kuala Lumpur region for the upcoming weekend when it is due to host the Malaysian Grand Prix. Local sources used by the Met Office predict high humidity and torrential rain for all three days of the event.

The news will intensify fears of the race being called off because of insufficient visibility. The Malaysian race, like its Australian counterpart, has rearranged its start time to make it more appealing to European TV audiences, and there are worries up and down the paddock that the 5pm start will be too late.

Nico Rosberg voiced his concerns the other day when asked about the light in Melbourne, which some drivers found problematic towards the end of the race.

”In Melbourne I found this a big concern as towards the end of the race the visibility was very poor, which increased the danger in my view as it was more likely that you could make a mistake,” he said.

But the situation in Malaysia could result in the race being stopped, he added.

”In Malaysia, if the monsoon comes down, the race is going to have to be stopped,” the German warned.

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