Pirelli to test harder tyre at Silverstone

Pirelli is preparing to test a harder-compound tyre, as criticism of the 2012 ‘lottery’ fires up.

The dilemma for F1’s tyre supplier is that it was specifically asked to spice up the show with heavily degrading tyres, and the six different winners so far this season proves the Italian marque met the brief. On the other hand, the purists are moaning that the unpredictability could now drive away the real Formula One fans.

“We think it’s absolutely great when people are talking about us,” motor sport director Paul Hembery is quoted by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport. “But we don’t want to be the focus of the conversation, just a part of it,” said the Briton.

Hembery said he is confident that, as the season presses on, the engineers and drivers will become better at understanding the way the tyres interact with the cars. But Pirelli is nonetheless planning to test a harder compound tyre, featuring less degradation, during Friday practice for next month’s British grand prix.

Still, Hembery warns that more durability will attack the spectacle.

Referring to the processional Monaco race, he said: “You can see what happens when the tyres last forever.”


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