Pirelli not bowing to pressure in tyre selection

Paul Hembery has played down any lingering suspicions that the teams can influence the selection of tyre compounds for grands prix.

Although Ferrari was disappointed with the selection of the hard tyre at Silverstone, Pirelli has selected softer compounds to take to all of the forthcoming Belgian, Italian and Singapore grands prix.

Brazilian journalist Livio Oricchio said the selection is a “surprise” given the high speed nature of Spa and Monza. “It’s good news for Ferrari,” he added.

Asked however if Pirelli feels pressure from teams like Ferrari, motor sport director Hembery insisted: “No. I read what is in the press at the end of the work day, but nothing more than that.

“There are some compounds that suit some people better in general, in other cases it depends on the track or the weather. It’s very difficult to generalise,” he told Spanish sports newspaper AS.

As for Pirelli’s contribution to the ‘show’ in 2011, Hembery said the fact there has been more overtaking this season is “70 per cent (due to) the tyres and 30pc the DRS”.

He confirmed that the Italian tyre supplier accepted Bernie Ecclestone’s challenge of deliberately producing heavily-degrading tyres for this year.

Told that F1 is the only corner of the tyre industry where high degradation is a positive, he laughed: “Very good!

“You could say that, but only to some extent. We need to tread carefully and show our tyres and contribute to the show, but not by taking too many (safety) risks.”

Source: GMM

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