Pirelli moves further to limit camber

In a further blow to Red Bull’s hopes ahead of the Italian grand prix, Pirelli has issued yet another clampdown on its guidelines about tyre camber.

It had already emerged that, after the tyres on the winning RB7 cars worryingly blistered at Spa two weeks ago, F1’s official supplier had told teams to limit their camber angles to just 3.75 degrees at Monza.

Previously, the recommendation was 4 degrees, with designer Adrian Newey admitting that the camber on the Red Bulls in Belgium was set slightly higher.

Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport reports that the camber directive issued by Pirelli for Monza is actually just 3.25 degrees.

As recently as Hungary in late July, the recommendation was 4.5 degrees.

Pirelli chief Paul Hembery said Monza is “very hard” for the tyres, with aggressive camber increasing the risk of overheating “especially with the hot weather that is predicted”.

McLaren’s Jenson Button thinks the new cautious approach “will put some people in trouble” in terms of lap time.


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