‘No way’ McLaren to stay with Mercedes as customer

McLaren is reportedly seeking a new engine partner for its F2 team. The Woking based team has been powered by Mercedes engines since 1995, but the German carmaker now has its own, entirely separate works team.

Indeed, McLaren’s current Mercedes relationship will soon end, leaving the Martin Whitmarsh-led team having to become a normal engine ‘customer’ like Force India.

Honda, the Japanese carmaker who in the past enjoyed a successful F1 partnership with McLaren, has been mentioned as a possible alternative, particularly with the sport’s rules switching from V8 to turbo V6s in 2014. Honda pulled out of F1 after the 2008 season.

“I follow the rules, certainly, and if they present an opportunity then it would be nice to go back (to F1),” Honda’s head of research and development Yoshiharu Yamamoto admitted this month.

The Sun newspaper said McLaren is indeed “looking to ditch Mercedes and reunite with Honda”.

“There is no way McLaren will stay as a customer for Mercedes engines,” a source is quoted as saying.


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