No Prodrive F1 Entry For 2012

The Prodrive team will not be on the F1 grid until 2013 at the earliest according to boss David Richards.

Prodrive wanted to enter Formula One back in 2008 however decided against an entry when existing F1 teams challenged their plans to use a McLaren customer chassis. There were rumours that Prodrive would be on te 2011 grid when US F1’s spot was up for grabs however Richards decided to concentrate on Aston Martin’s Le Mans entry instead.

Richards has now said that Prodrive will not be looking at a 2012 F1 entry and the Prodrive team will be focusing their efforts of Mini’s return to the World Rally Championship.

“We always keep a close eye on everything, but my priority today is to get the Mini up and running and to get Aston Martin competitive in time for Le Mans,” Richards told Autosport.

“The obvious next point to look at Formula One is 2013 with the massive change in regulations that come along at that point in time, and if you were to consider an entry that would be the time to go.”