Night race test at Indianapolis

According to reports, the FIA conducted it’s first night racing test at Indianapolis on Thursday evening to test the viability for night racing. There is much talk over whether Singapore will host Formula 1’s first night race next season and the FIA have started tests to discover if night racing is a realistic possbility or not.

Lights, supplied by American company Musto lights who also supply lighting to NASCAR, IRL and Champ Car for night races, setup lighting clusters around the Indianapolis track. At around 9:30 pm as it was getting dark, the lights were switched on to test visibility for cars running at speed.

The safety car was deployed for testing with Bernd Maylander at the wheel along with several medical cars, and they all drove around on the track for around half an hour. Television cameras were setup to film the cars to test how easy it would be to film the cars during a night race.

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