Newey not ruling out Ferrari switch

Adrian Newey has refused to completely dismiss suggestions he might end his F1 career with Ferrari.

Amid the famous Italian team’s current struggles to catch up with dominant Red Bull, it has been suggested the first move by Ferrari should be a new high-price offer for the energy drink-owned team’s gifted designer.

Briton Newey, however, is quoted by Italy’s Tuttosport and Corriere dello Sport as insisting he is happy with his current employer, where he inked the dominant RB7.

“I think my career has been varied with several changes of teams but I’m now very happy with Red Bull. I really can’t see myself in another place,” he said.

Newey refuses, however, to completely rule out the possibility of a move to Maranello.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do at some point in the future, I have no idea,” he said. “There are several teams looking to me and once I conclude the project here at Red Bull, I will look at the offers.

“But if I did do something else, I think it would be something very different from F1,” added Newey.

Source: GMM