New Spy Evidence Related to Alonso?

New evidence from the Spy saga that has come to the attention of the FIA could involve current World Champion Fernando Alonso.

The FIA announced that the board will reconvene on Sept 13th to question McLaren further, and the squad has already of being found guilty without charge being in breach of Article 151c of the international sporting code, for possession of documents that belonged to Ferrari back in July.

Sources say that this new evidence could be linked to the Spaniard and McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa. An e-mail conversation between the pair contained Ferrari’s F2007 set-up that pre-dates the document incident that has ignited the scandal.

The FIA got a tip-off to the nature of this e-mail and sent out papers to McLaren and the rest of the F1 teams, to remind them that any evidence they have kept within themselves that the FIA must know immediately. Alonso and de la Rosa have thought to be given “amnesty” from any censure in return their full cooperation.

However, the meeting next Thursday won’t be the last of this scandal, as McLaren are to be sure of lodging an appeal if any sentence is handed down to them.

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