New qualifying rules for 2009?

fia-logoNew qualifying rules could be implemented next year after the Formula One Teams’ Association (FOTA)announced that it will discuss a new format for the session when it meets next month.

The current qualifying system has already undergone major revisions over the last few years with the latest format proving popular with two knock-out sessions and a top ten shoot-out.

According to FOTA is looking at ways to spice up the action further. The new idea being explored involves all the cars going onto the track at the same time, with the same fuel levels, with the slowest driver being eliminated after each lap.

The six fastest drivers would then fight for pole position and, unlike the current rules which often sees the lightest car on pole, they would use the same amount of fuel.

FOTA will next meet on December 4 and if the new format is agreed upon by the teams it is likely to be submitted to the FIA for approval.

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