New F1 driver aid?

Formula 1’s governing body is apparently preparing to introduce a new driver aid into the sport. Rumours have it that Max Mosley and manufactured-based teams are in talks which could result in the legalisation of stability control on single seater cars.

Patrick Head, co-owner of the Williams team, has said that the introduction of stability control, which corrects an unstable car in the middle of corners electronically, would be an “interesting and complete about-face from Max.” In the past, the FIA president has tended to argue against costly technologies.

Mike Gascoyne of the Spyker team has said that the technology would result in fewer and fewer mistakes from the driver. “Is this what Formula 1 needs?” he asked. “No, I don’t think it is.”

A spokesperson for the governing body said that they “were not in a position to say whether it’s a direction we’ll go in. I’m not even sure we’re close to a set of discussions where it could happen.”