‘Mozzies’ a buzzword in the Buddh paddock

Mosquitoes are a problem at the Indian grand prix this weekend, the local Times of India reports.

The newspaper said Jenson Button swatted one as he spoke to reporters at the Buddh circuit, near the capital New Delhi, on Thursday.

“Oh, I got that mozzie,” the Briton laughed.

But the Times of India reports that the McLaren driver would not be laughing if he contracted “dengue”. Dengue fever, transmitted by mosquitoes, is an infectious disease that can be life-threatening. The newspaper said McLaren and Williams are staying in hotels in Mayur Vihar, where upon arrival “a swarm of mosquitoes greets you”.

Journalist Ruhi Batra said he has seen “McLaren team members … constantly slapping their arms and scratching themselves”, while hotel staff rush around “with racquet-shaped zappers”.

The Times of India said there are hundreds of reported mosquito infections in New Delhi, “and a concerned government on Tuesday asked municipal bodies to carry out fogging exercises across the city”.