Mosley faces increasing chorus of criticism

F1 teams and manufacturers have broken their silence over the recent actions of FIA president Max Mosley with many issuing statements slamming his recent behaviour and questioning his future within the sport.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz were the first to break the silence, issuing a joint statement over the matter “The content of the publications is disgraceful,” the statement began. “As a company, we strongly distance ourselves from it.

“This incident concerns Max Mosley both personally and as President of the FIA, the global umbrella organisation for motoring clubs. Its consequences therefore extend far beyond the motor sport industry. We await a response from the relevant FIA bodies.”

Toyota have issued a statement saying, “Toyota Motorsport does not approve of any behaviour which could be seen to damage Formula One’s image, in particular any behaviour which could be understood to be racist or anti-Semitic.

“Senior figures within any sport or business, including motorsport, must adhere to high standards of behaviour. When all the facts are known, it will be for the FIA to decide whether Mr Mosley has met the moral obligations which come with the position of FIA President.”

Mosley has already responded to the joint statement from BMW and Mercedes-Benz and reiterated that the content of the News of the World story was not entirely true.

“Given the history of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, particularly before and during the Second World War, I fully understand why they would wish to strongly distance themselves from what they rightly describe as the disgraceful content of these publications,” Mosley said in an interview with Reuters.

“Unfortunately they did not contact me before putting out their statement to ask whether the content was, in fact, true. No doubt the FIA will respond to them in due course as I am about to respond to the newspaper in question.”

Mosley s parting comment refers to the fact he is contemplating legal action against the News of the World, the British newspaper which broke the story.

Meanwhile, Honda have now joined the increasing number of people criticizing Mosley s actions and calling for the FIA to consider Mosley s future within the sport.

“It is necessary that senior figures in sport and business maintain the highest standards of conduct in order to fulfil their duties with integrity and respect,” a Honda statement said.

“The Honda Racing F1 Team is extremely disappointed by recent events surrounding Mr Mosley and we are concerned that the reputation of Formula One and all its participants is being damaged.

“We request that the FIA gives this matter careful consideration and reaches an immediate decision in the best interests of F1 and Motorsport.”

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