Mosley defends S&M leanings

Max MosleyFIA president Max Mosley was caught up in an embarrassing scandal earlier this year when he was secretly filmed in an S&M session with five prostitutes. Mosley has now spoken out about the situation, defending his leanings.

“I have been doing it for 45 years,” he explained to British newspaper The Guardian. “To anyone who’s not into it, it’s an absurd activity. Like, for example, being a transvestite is absurd to anybody who’s not into it. Therefore if you are into it you keep it secret from people who are not into it.

“I mean, it’s just very difficult for my wife, it’s very difficult for my sons. But we’re all each other have got.

“Sex is funny. Most people’s sex lives, if you had the whole detail, would be quite funny. That’s the point – why you don’t have the detail – because it’s not right to laugh at people in that way.

“It’s an absurd thing to do, looked at in any rational way. But sex is absurd – it is a very strange, completely animal thing that’s not fully understood.

“People don’t really know why they like what they like, but why worry, as long as you’re not hurting anybody? And as long as everybody involved is genuinely consensual, not just doing it for money or whatever.

“You will never completely lose interest in that sort of thing. You just don’t, to be very honest.”

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