More allegations rock McLaren

It has been reported that Nigel Stepney tipped McLaren s chief designer off about Ferrari s movable floor design via email. The new allegation has come just before McLaren are due to face a meeting before the FIA World Motor Sport Council next week over charges of fraudulent conduct .

Originally, the charges were related to a 780 page Ferrari documents containing top-secret Ferrari technical data which is claimed were in Coughlan s possession from March to July this year. However it appears that Nigel Stepney, formerly of Ferrari, sent an email to Coughlan revealing Ferrari s floor design and hinting that McLaren could possibly take action over it.

At the first race of the season in Australia, McLaren requested a rule clarification from the FIA over movable floors it is unclear as to whether this was an independent observation or whether Coughlan passed Stepney s information onto some of his colleagues. McLaren s actions prompted the FIA to change the way in conducted the floor test and Ferrari were forced to change their design to comply with the more stringent rules a change which some have partially attributed to their lack of form in the following races.

The movable floor design actions are predicted to play a large part in the FIA Motor Sport Council meeting next week as the sport s governing body attempt to decide whether McLaren breached any rules or not.

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