Montoya: No regrets about moving to NASCAR

After two years away from the sport, Juan-Pablo Montoya appears to have no regrets about leaving. In 2006, Montoya chose to leave McLaren-Mercedes to pursue a NASCAR career.

“In Formula 1, they want you to be a robot,” Montoya explained to German newspaper Sport Bild. “If you have a strong personality, you will have difficulties. I don t regret anything about moving to NASCAR.

“Lots of people in F1 forget that it is a sport McLaren, for example, take it far too seriously. With BMW-Williams, I had the most fun with Patrick Head mostly. Patrick always said what he thinks, as do I. He always tried to be polite in every conversation but by the end, he could never keep it up it was funny!

“With Ron, you have a nice dinner with him one evening and that when you say hi the next day, he is a completely different person.”

Montoya also revealed that he is sympathetic to Alonso s difficulties last season. “He [Alonso] saw that the future of the team was in Lewis Hamilton, not Fernando Alonso,” Montoya said.

Montoya also revealed it was difficult to talk to current champion Kimi Raikkonen. “With Kimi it is not about whether you get along with him or not because he never says anything,” Montoya explained. “And it is difficult to know someone who doesn t talk, right?”

Montoya has also said he doesn t like the current crop of complainers in F1. “The complain about everything!”, he said. “Like at Monaco they complained about reflections in their rear-view mirrors when they went through the tunnel. Me? I think, just get on with it and drive!”

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