Mercedes believe Singapore race will see a Safety Car situation

According to the Mercedes GP team, the safety car is highly likely to make an appearance at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend. Their statement is partly due to the fact that there are just two venus where there is a 100 percent record of safety car deployment – the only other race being the Korean Grand Prix of which just a single race has been run.

As for Singapore, the safety car has appeared a total of five times in the three races since 2008, even though one of them was triggered deliberately by Renault and Nelson Piquet Jr.

So, according to Mercedes, the gull-wing SLS AMG is “almost certain to make an appearance” this weekend.

So far in 2011, the safety car has only appeared during four of the thirteen races — Monaco, Canada, Belgium and Italy.

After Singapore and Korea, the races with the highest historical probability of safety car deployment are Brazil, Monaco and Canada (all at 70 percent).


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