McLaren: We will have a quicker car

Having lost the past two races to Ferrari, McLaren have promised their drivers a faster can for the German Grand Prix.

This week, all the teams have headed to Spa-Francorchamps to test out some new kit for their cars. McLaren s chief operating office Martin Whitmarsh explained, “We have got new aerodynamic components and various other parts we are putting on the car. We ll come out of the test with a quicker can, and Ferrari will undoubtedly improve their car so it s down to who improves their car the most in the next fortnight.

“I predict that we are going to see the fortunes swing either way in what s going to be a classic and exciting championship. We ve now had nine races and 16 times we have had a car on the podium that helps! It is so tight now in performance and reliability that any of us can trip up now and that would be very significant. If just one of your cars doesn t score points then the pendulum swings very quickly.”

Speaking about his rookie driver Lewis Hamilton, Whitmarsh commented, “He s done a fantastic job by any measure. We all have to raise our game. Winning world championships these days is tougher than it s ever been and we have got to produce a quicker car.

“It s extraordinary that Lewis feels like that but that s one of his great strengths. He knows the team is working very hard; he know that we expect to have a quicker car at every race.”

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