McLaren staying positive in China

Heikki Kovalainen has described the mood in the McLaren camp as “positive” and is optimistic he and teammate Lewis Hamilton can progress to the top ten in qualifying for Sunday’s Chinese Grand Prix, despite the distractions of the lie-gate scandal taking its toll on the team.

“It is very positive,” said the Finn when asked about team morale. “If you look at the circumstances it could be the kind of time to bring the team down, but I think everyone has kept the focus, kept digging deep [and] kept working hard. We have got another upgrade for the car this weekend, so I think this is the attitude that we need at this difficult time, just to keep our heads up.

“That is what the whole team has done, including myself. I am just trying to put as much effort in as I can. We just try to power through these difficult times, and I think there are many positives from these races apart from the actual race day.

“It has been pretty poor both race days. I have not been able to complete a race lap yet, but otherwise I feel I am getting more out of the team. I am working better throughout the whole weekend with the team and, in fact, the base has been pretty promising. I am over those disappointments now and I just move on and will try to complete the weekend with a good Sunday as well.”

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