McLaren expects rear wing design to be legal

McLaren has downplayed suggestions that the rear wing of its MP4-25 is illegal.

The move comes after Red Bull boss Christian Horner told a number of British reporters that his team and Ferrari had asked the FIA for clarification on the matter. It has been suggested that the layout of the MP4-25’s airbox and engine cover may help stall the rear-wing at high-speed, which would give the car a straight line speed advantage.

“There’s a bit of a fuss over McLaren’s rear wing,” Horner said in a report by Autosport.

“They have a slot on it and they can pick up a lot of straight-line speed. I think it will get resolved before the first race. We’ve asked the FIA for clarification although I think Ferrari are probably more excited than we are to be honest.”

“Basically, if you stall the wing you take all the drag off it and pick up straight-line speed.”

“It’s something that’s been done quite a lot over the years but with the wing separators you’re not supposed to do that.”

However McLaren remain confident that their design complies with Formula One’s technical regulations and has questioned Horner’s comments, suggesting that Ferrari will not protest to the FIA.

“We’re very confident that our car is entirely legal – and we’re not aware of any protest. In fact, we’ve spoken to Ferrari this morning and they’re not aware of any protest either.” a spokeman said on behalf of the team.

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