McLaren: Don’t call us cheats

Bernie Ecclestone and other top FIA officials have warned that if McLaren are found guilty by the FIA’s investigation into the ongoing Ferrari sabotage & espionage saga, they may be docked constructors’ points. However, the drivers will likely keep their points as they have no part in the saga. “There is no way it would affect the driver,” Ecclestone explained. “It is nothing to do with them.”

Although McLaren have so far reacted ‘correctly’ to the allegations, the maximum penalty for a breach of the International Sporting Code and F1 regulations is a total exclusion from the championship.

Ron Dennis has called on the FIA to examine the McLaren cars and factory in a bid to clear their team name. According to Dennis, McLaren have already had an internal investigation which has exonerated the team and staff of cheating claims.

“McLaren has completed a thorough investigation and can confirm that no Ferrari intellectual property has been passed to any other members of the team or incorporated into its cars,” Dennis explained. “McLaren also invited the sport’s governing body, the International Automobile Federation, to conduct a full review of the cars to satisfy itself that the team has not benefitted from any intellectual property of another competitor.”

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