McLaren are the most stable team, says Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has said McLaren are the most stable team in terms of driver relationship.

In a far-reaching interview with the Guardian published today, Hamilton ranged over a number of topics. But it was when he was asked about the fractious relationship between the Red Bull team mates that Hamilton was the most forthcoming, going on immediately to speak about Ferrari.

“Oh yeah! It’s interesting. I don’t know what friction Fernando and Felipe have but I’ve not seen them standing together for a long time.

“So it’s been very impressive how me and Jenson are coping. Our relationship is great even if, without doubt, he wants to beat me and he knows I want to beat him. It helps if you’re both racing on the straight and narrow even if it’s not easy having two world champions both wanting to win the title. Of course the most important ingredient is to finish ahead of your team-mate. But if I don’t do that it’ll be because I’ve not done a good job.”

Hamilton and Button will be vying for the status of crowd favourite at the British Grand Prix this weekend where both stand a chance of the win.