McLaren approach FIA over Renault

The FIA has confirmed that McLaren have approached them with questions over rival teams. The queries come just days before McLaren are to be hauled up in front of the World Motor Sport Council for the second time over the espionage saga currently overshadowing Formula 1.

Since the Italian Grand Prix, there have been many rumours that part of McLaren s defence will revolve around if they are punished, other teams should be too. It is understood that the team in query is Renault, although it is not yet known what McLaren s question is however it is believed that the argument focuses on a technical aspect of the car rather than any more espionage.

The FIA have confirmed that although they are in talks with the McLaren lawyers, the Renault matter will have no bearing on the Paris hearing later this week.

“We have noted the speculation and we can confirm that McLaren lawyers have recently brought to our attention certain matters regarding Renault F1,” an FIA spokesman explained. “We can also confirm that the team does not form any part of our investigations into McLaren s alleged breach of Article 151C of the International Sporting Code.

“The FIA has reminded McLaren that the World Council hearing in Paris on Thursday will focus solely on the new evidence in that investigation. To the extent required, and other matters will be dealt with as part of an entirely separate process. Renault F1 are aware of this and are happy to cooperate fully.”

Flavio Briatore, boss of Renault, has told reporters that he confident that his team will not be associated with the espionage saga despite McLaren s claims.

“We told the FIA what we had, so there is no problem,” Briatore explained. “I don t know what Dennis refers to he s throwing stones a bit everywhere. We are calm. No problem at all.”

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