Massa’s Dirty Underwear

Some Formula 1 drivers are known for having special pre-race superstitions which are meant to bring them luck during the race. David Coulthard likes to get into his car with his right foot first from the left hand side of the car, Mark Webber also always puts his right foot into the car first and also ensures his right foot is last out of the car, Nigel Mansell never let anyone touch his helmet before a race and Stefano Modena reportedly drove with one glove inside out.

Feilpe Massa has gone one step further with his superstition –  Massa has credited his win at Interlagos with wearing the same pair of underpants throughout the three days. He confessed “If my weekend begins well, I use the same underpants on Saturday. If that is a good day, I wear them in Sunday. That is what I did in Brazil.” Let’s hope that there aren’t any other drivers who share this superstition!