Massa wasn’t interested in Coulthard’s record

Felipe Massa is impressed and happy with the new F2007 that he tested at Barcelona last week. The F2007 has already been one of the cars to beat this season and Massa has said that the recent updates to the car have made a significant difference in pace, concurring with Kimi Raikkonen’s opinion of the new setup.

“Before the update, the F2007 was good enough,” Massa explained. “But this car is even better. I hope that we can repeat our competitiveness of the test in the next race.”

Last week, Massa stated he felt the new package was five tenths of a second faster than the old pacakage. May F1 critics believe that Ferrari’s new package may now be over a second quicker per lap than McLaren’s offering.

Some people pointed at Coulthard beating Massa on the last day of testing, disproving his statement that the Ferrari is as quick as he says it is. “Coulthard’s record?” Massa retorted. “It does not interest us.”

Massa went on to say, in light of the new additions to the McLaren and Honda cars, no odd additions will grace the scarlet car later this week. On McLaren, Massa said “They attract a lot of attention with their wing but we have many innovations and out car is faster. I am sure McLaren will still be competitive but we hope to be in front.

“I have a great car and am ready to win again.”

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