Massa is Raikkonen’s biggest 2007 rival?

Kimi Raikkonen has stated he believes his main rival in the 2007 season will be his teammate Felipe Massa. “From now on, I’ll see McLaren-Mercedes only my rear-view mirrors,” Raikkonen stated. Alonso is replacing Raikkonen at McLaren, who have just finished their first season in 10 years without a win.

Raikkonen thinks Ferrari have what it takes to help him become World Champion. There are many reasons why in five years I only won nine times,” he added. “Certainly I made a few mistakes too many, but the car was often not consistent enough, simply. I had opted for Ferrari a long time ago, and I’m convinced with this team I will become world champion. That’s my objective, even though it’s hard to say whether I’ll manage that immediately.”

Raikkonen has signed a three-year contract with Ferrari, however he does not believe he will match Schumacher’s outstanding achivements. “With the right car and team it’s possible to beat that record. His record won’t last forever. Yes, I’d like to be the one beating that, but I won’t be able to: I won’t race long enough to win seven titles. Maybe the Ferrari contract will already be the last one for me.”

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