Massa has confidence

FerrariAs the winner of the past two F1 Grand Prixs, Massa is on a high and is confident about this weekend’s race at Monaco.

“Here, it is all about the track where you have to treat it in a special way,” he explained. “Anything can happen, but on present form, we have a good chance of winning. There are always surprises here towards the end of this long race. We will have to do all we can to be part of the group that is in with a chance of winning at the end.

“We will have to manage the risjs and that is always harder here than at any other track. I like this circuit, although it is not the track that gives me the most enjoyment from a driving point of view. However, it is very interesting.

“It is a different experience to any other circuit in the world. I know it is one of the most important motor races for a drive to win and so I will be doing my utmost to try and do that.

“After the Ricard test, I see us looking good on this type of circuit with a car that will work well here on the streets in these conditions. I think we are well prepared for this weekend. People say qualifying is the most important aspect of this weekend, but the race is, of course, also very important.

“In the race, this track has so many different types of corner and you have to go through all these corners 72 times – it is not easy. But the qualifying session has an increased importance at this race – starting from the front is, of course, an advantage at this race, but we have seen drivers win from much further back on the grip. I am looking forward to the whole weekend.”

Meanwhile, Massa stopped off in Geneva earlier this week to make an appearance for his personal sponsor Piaggio Aero, an Italian aircraft manufacturer. “I have a pilot’s license and I fly the Ferrari team’s Avanti II at least once a week if my schedule allows it,” Massa said.