Massa brushes off criticism

Ferrari driver Felipe MassaFelipe Massa had a terrible British Grand Prix the Brazilian driver finished in last place having been lapped twice by the race leader, as well as spinning five times during the race itself. His performance have left some people questioning whether he has enough natural ability in a car without traction control and has left some wondering how long his career at Ferrari will last.

Massa, however, is unconcerned about the criticism and says he doesn t really care what people are saying about him.

“I don’t care what other people say, to be honest,” he explained “I know what I have to do, I’ve won many races this year, and so I don’t really care for that.

“For sure the first spin was a mistake, definitely, but then every time I was on the track we had the wrong tyres for the conditions. So I cannot say it was just coming from myself – it was coming from our strategy too.

“We made so many mistakes anyway at Silverstone. We know that and we are working in every area to not repeat them. It’s part of the game. We are not the only team that has made mistakes this year. It’s part of the game and we need to concentrate on the next race.

“The championship is open, we are still in front in the constructors’ championship, and so it’s nothing to worry about at the moment.”

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