Management reshuffle at Super Aguri

According to Autosport, Super Aguri s new owners are looking to reshuffle top management around. The shuffle will affect much of the senior management at the team, and managing director Danieal Audetto s future is said to be in doubt.

The Magma Group have stepped in just before the start of the season to help Super Aguri s financial woes. It has been rumoured that the group will be looking at a complete overhaul of the current team structure although there have been no official announcements. Martin Leach, chief of Magma, addressed the Super Aguri team at Albert Park on Wednesday, outlining his plans for the future of the team.

Although Leach apparently did not talk about any changes he was intending to make, many believe that Audetto s job may be on the line Audetto is a conspicuous absentee at the Melbourne track having travelled home after Super Aguri s press conference last week instead of travelling to the Albert Park track.

It is believed that Leach may well become team principal of Super Aguri, with Aguri Suzuki being moved to a different role within the F1 team. It is also thought that the team may be rebranded later in the year with a new livery, and there is a small chance that the team may also change their name.

After weeks of uncertainty, both drivers are relieved that not only will the team be starting the season on time, but both have had their services retained.

“It feels amazing – it’s a massive relief to be here,” Davidson explained. “You don’t normally come racing to make up the numbers but I think for this one we are. I know it sounds a bit negative but truly everyone in the team is just over the moon to be here.

“Things really looked pretty bad for a few weeks before we got here, and so getting on that plane to come out here was just the best feeling. We’re here and it’s job done. As far as competing is concerned, we definitely aren’t now, but that’s always been a concern over the winter.

“I started painting the house with my wife Carrie and just tried to take my mind off it because for me it was all over. “We couldn’t go away anywhere, we couldn’t go on holiday, because we had to be at home making back-up plans, I don’t want to go into the details of what they were but I had them ready. That’s really how serious it all got.”

Davidson admitted that the team may have to limit their running on Friday practice due to a lack of spare parts.

“We are very, very limited on spares so we are going to be limited on mileage therefore,” he explained. “We will be probably be able to get about 25-30 laps in total tomorrow, so that makes it harder still on us. We are just going to enjoy being here and try and do the best we can in the situation that we’re in, and it will only get better. That’s a given.”

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