Mallya: Technical partner will be announced soon

Force India s co-owner Vijay Mallya has confirmed that an announcement concerning their technical partner for the 2009 season will be just before or during the Brazilian Grand Prix race weekend.

Force India are currently powered by Ferrari engines however it is common knowledge that they have been in talks with McLaren-Mercedes over a possible technical package for 2009. Mallya has revealed that he chose to talk to McLaren about a deal because he wasn t sure that Ferrari would be able to bundle a KERS package into next year s deal.

Mallya has also said that despite the fact his team trialled their own gearbox this season, he is looking to buy a complete transmission system for the 2009 F1 season.

“I am in active discussion with McLaren and Ferrari,” Mallya explained. “We will make an announcement either in Brazil, or before Brazil.

“Adrian suffered gearbox failure. At the end of the day what sense does it make for me to have a great engine, a great KERS system, and a gearbox that’s tentative. That’s why I said go for the whole hog, a good tried and proven and tested package from the top two teams. And that’s what I’m seeking to achieve.”

One possible complication if a McLaren deal were to go ahead is that Force India already have a contract with Ferrari and with negotiations taking place so late in the season, Ferrari may already have incurred costs putting together Force India s 2009 package.

“It is recognised that if for whatever reason we need to part, it will be a very friendly parting and that’s all agreed,” Mallya continued.

“If they have incurred some costs developing engines for us for next year, we’ll talk about it. We’re certainly not going to be bloody minded. If they have incurred costs on my behalf, I think I owe it to them to offer to reimburse.”

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