Mallya hits back at media hostility at home GP

Vijay Mallya was not in a good mood when he was swamped by Indian media at his home grand prix.

The Indian billionaire had been branded an “absconder” by some of his countrymen as he holed up in London amid his ailing airline Kingfisher’s crisis. But he arrived at the Buddh circuit near New Delhi on Saturday, and immediately had to face a barrage of questions including whether his private Airbus had been “seized” by unpaid airline authorities.

“You believe that Indian papers have any credibility?” the Force India boss snapped. “Wonderful,” he scowled. “I don’t owe anybody money. Why should my plane be at risk? It’s so stupid.”

He also faced the accusation that he had finally stumped up the courage to appear at his F1 team’s home race, despite the obvious hostility he was facing.

“Why should there be even one iota of doubt that I wouldn’t be here?” said Mallya. “If I am not at my home grand prix, why should I be anywhere else?”


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