Mallya confirms ‘Force India’ name

Vijay Mallya has confirmed that as of 2008, the Spyker team will be known as Force India F1 .

The new owners, Mallya and Michiel Mol, have already gained approval for the new team name from Bernie Ecclestone. The rest of the field must now approve the name but no dissenters are expected.

Mallya also confirmed that they have decided on a new logo for the team. “I have applied to the FIA to change the name of the team for Force India F1,” Mallya explained. “It is now an internal process for the FIA.

“The logo is decided it will be in the colours of the Indian flag. The livery of the car will obviously be determined by the sponsors we will have because a sponsor wants the colours of the car to also be compatible with their own branding but the Force India logo with the Indian flag will obviously feature quite prominently.”

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