Malaysian Grand Prix – Race, Lap by Lap

Barrichello starting from pit lane, Sutil demoted to back of grid with engine change. Possible rain around lap 36, an hour into the race, 4pm local time.

All but Jarno Trulli on the softer tyres. Schumacher expels smoke on his parade lap, as once again Toyota overfills on oil.

Hamilton passes both Ferrari’s on lap one. Safety car on standby with Sutil off at turn four, clipping Button – Button continues. Liuzzi changes front wing during botched pit stop on lap 2.

Lap 3, Alonso extends lead by a second per lap. Massa attacks Hamilton, Raikkonen attacks Massa – Massa does get ahead of Hamilton, only for the Brit to grab back his but quickly loses position.

Lap 6, Massa passes Hamilton and loses it at turn four. Massa drops behind Heidfeld, losing 5.5 seconds on track.

Lap 8 and Alonso’s advantage is 8 seconds. Albers out on lap nine, stuck in third gear and engine overheated in the pits.

Alonso leads Hamilton, Raikkonen, Heidfeld, Massa, Rosberg, Fisichella and Trulli on lap 17. Massa pits, Alonso has radio issues. Dennis of McLaren furious on pit wall. Massa rejoins into clean air.

Lap 18, Raikkonen and Alonso in. Hamilton leads GP. However, McLaren would have wanted to bring Hamilton in with Raikkonen to ensure track position.

Lap 20, Hamilton pits and returns in front of Raikkonen once again.

Heidfeld leads, pits on lap 22 and rejoins in front of Massa.

Lap 25, big scrap in the mid field for fifteenth position, between Barrichello, Ralf Schumacher and Button, lapping two and a half seconds off the pace of the leaders.

Lap 28, Alonso leads Hamilton by ten seconds, with Raikkonen a further 10 seconds behind the Brit. Hamilton closes on the Spaniard by half a second a lap.

Lap 35, DC complains about brake pedal rubbing against steering column. Something the Scot experienced during practice on Friday. A lap later, Massa is chasing down Heidfeld for fourth. Raikkonen laps at the same speed as the leading McLarens, despite a heavier fuel load.

Lap 37, Heidfeld continues to keep Massa behind, as he laps team-mate Kubica. The Polish driver suffering engine misfire and traction control difficulties throughout the race. Coulthard retires.

Lap 39, Hamilton pits, rejoins in fifth position behind Massa. Alonso pits the following lap, as does Massa. Raikkonen leads the race and pits the following lap. After a strong race, Rosberg retires with 13 laps remaining.

Lap 47, Raikkonen brings the gap between himself and Hamilton down to 5.5 seconds. Hamilton appears to be struggling on the harder tyres. Kubica loses it at turn seven, drags gravel back onto the circuit as he rejoins.

Five to go and Kimi trails Hamilton by just 3.3 seconds. Final lap and just a second separate the two drivers.

Final points paying positions: