Make or Break for Fisichella

If Fisichella fails to shine again this year, it could be his final season in Renault colours according to Spyker’s technical chief, Mike Gascoyne.  Gascoyne, who worked alongside Fisichella in 2001, has stated he thinks Fisichella is very talented however needs to step up to the mark now that Fernando Alonso has left.

“He definitely has to win half a dozen races this year,” Gascoyne said. “If not, he’ll be falling back to the teams down the grid – he won’t get another top line drive.”

However, Fisichella has reservations about how well the car will perform this year. In an interview with the Herald Sun earlier this week, he said he was unlikely to win any races in the early part of the season because Renault hadn’t adapted as well to the tyres as McLaren and BMW. “McLaren and Ferrari are strong than us,” he conceded. “It’s at least half a second a lap – it’s a lot.”