Longer DRS might not prevent boring Abu Dhabi race

The FIA has lengthened a DRS zone in Abu Dhabi following fears of another processional race. Last year at Yas Marina, before the overtaking wings were introduced, the layout was heavily criticised for not allowing title protagonists Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber to pass the much slower Vitaly Petrov.

A year on, two independent DRS zones are set up for Sunday’s race.

But Jenson Button said: “I think it’s going to be tough to overtake (even) with DRS. On Friday I was DRS-ing out of turn seven all the way down to turn eight and I still couldn’t overtake anyone.”

Fernando Alonso agreed: “The zones are a little too short.”

Auto Motor und Sport said the FIA has listened to the feedback from the drivers and teams and extended the second DRS zone by 85 metres for the race.

Button added: “I’m afraid it’s still going to be too short. In practice I was using the wing for the entire straight behind a Toro Rosso and I couldn’t pass him.”

Mark Webber agreed: “I don’t know how exciting the race is going to be in terms of overtaking to be honest.”


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