Todt calls for fair FIA campaign

Jean Todt says he hopes that the campaign for the FIA presidency will be fought on issues and not personality after his rival in the election, Ari Vatanen found himself at the centre of a storm over comments he made about the Frenchman.

Vatanen was quoted in the media this week as having hinted that Todt made a personal flight with his actress girlfriend Michelle Yeoh using a private plan funded by the FIA Foundation charity. The FIA Foundation issued a statement clarifying that Yeoh had been speaking at a road safety conference in her role as an ambassador for the Make Roads Safe campaign.

Todt subsequently issued his own statement calling for a fair democratic process that focuses on issues.

“We are three months away from the election of a new President of the FIA,” said the former Ferrari team principal. “This period gives the FIA membership an important opportunity before making their choice to reflect on the Federation’s achievements, its future goals and challenges.

“I would hope that all candidates will conduct their campaigns with dignity and avoid personalising the issues or engaging in the spreading of disparaging or false allegations.

“In future I hope everyone can stick to the issues and respect the integrity of this democratic process.”