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Hamilton to change manager

Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he will no longer be managed by his father.

Although Anthony Hamilton has overseen his son’s rise in Formula One since his childhood, the 2008 world champion told Autosport that both had decided to change the nature of their relationship.

“I’m 25 now. I think it was inevitable there had to be change,” said the McLaren ace.

“Over the past few years, we looked around to see if we could bring someone else into the picture to help with the situation, whether to help with guidance, sponsors, or whatever it was.

“We looked at it and I just never felt comfortable with anyone else. My dad is my dad. But all of this time we were discussing bringing someone else in, we never quite had the confidence to do it.

“I think we’re now at the point where we are looking to take that step, and I think it is a positive step.

“I’ve been in F1 for quite a while now and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my dad. He’s done a fantastic job, but he’s done that job.”

Following a number of years in the spotlight, Anthony Hamilton’s business interests have grown enormously, with the Brit now responsible for the managment of a number of other drivers, including Paul di Resta and karting star Nyck de Vries, as well as establishing a GP Prep academy for up and coming talent.

As a result, Lewis Hamilton says that he is looking forward to forming a strong personal relationship with his father, away from the rough and tumble of the Formula One world.

“What I am really, really excited about now is having my dad just as my dad,” Lewis added in the Autosport interview. “I want to have a manager who can take care of all the stresses and do all the other stuff, and then I want to do dad things with my dad.

“I want to go for a beer with my dad. I want to go bowling with my dad. I want to go on holiday with my dad.

“Then I want to be able to say to him: ‘How is GP Prep going?’, and I want to be able to tell him about all the experiences I am having too – but as a dad.

“I want to be able to have that, and build that relationship.

“I want my dad to know, and I want everyone to know, he is always going to be my dad. This is us taking a natural progression step.”

The interview also stated that McLaren will provide Hamilton with support until a suitable replacement is found.

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